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We want to keep our members abreast of current issues concerning education in Alachua County.

(8/1)Collaborative bargaining continues . . .
Our next bargaining session is Thursday, August 10th. We will keep you informed about early release Wednesday's and other issues as we have information to share. .

(8/7) Bargaining Update

The School Board has made an initial offer of 5% for salary increases and the increased cost of health insurance (0.4%) They have been told that this is totally unacceptable. Other districts in the state are getting at least 6% salary increases in addition to increased health insurance costs.

At the August 1st Budget Workshop, representatives of ACEA pointed out to the School Board where over $1 million more could be used from salary increases. The Board has said that employee salaries are their top priority. If this is true then this money could be used to fund salary increases.

New salary schedules have been proposed for both instructional and career service employees. These salary schedules have been developed collaboratively over an extended period of time (6 months for the instructional schedule and 2 years for CSP!) We believe that these salary schedules will work to everyone's benefit when they are adopted.

The School Board also wants to eliminate early release Wednesdays for elementary and middle schools. The ACEA Bargaining Team has said that we will not agree to any change regarding early release Wednesdays.

Please contact our School Board members and let them know that we expect and deserve fair salary increases, at least equal to everyone else in the state



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